Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Walgreens Deal of the Week!

Sinful Colors for $.99!
Huge deal!

Sinful Colors is my favorite brand of nail polish. Yesterday I went to my local store and bought 3. Only 3? You might ask. Well, since I already have so many of them, I didn't have many options. I decided to get colors that I wouldn't normally buy.

Rich in Heart
*it's like a chocolate brown,
with some metallic tones
of red.*

Soul Mate
*looks like a pink but it's not. 
it's a coral, salmon color.*

Midnight Blue
*navy blue with some metallic

And I couldn't pass the deal of this Wet n' Wild for only $.69!

 Night Prowl
*its a dark purple glitter.*


  1. Yo fui hoy a chekiarlos otra vez y no compre ninguno!!! Ni yo lo puedo creer jaja

  2. jajajaja no te gusto ninguno??

  3. Los que me gustaban ya los tenia :( I'm still looking for my navy blue :D