Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shoe time!

I have never been the kind of girl that has millions of pairs of shoes. But lately I find myself not being able to pass a good deal. 

I bought this pair of heals a couple of months ago at La Defesa for only $10! I couldn't let them go! I'm not one to wear heals everywhere I go, but I do like wearing them when I go out on a date or out to have some drinks with my girls.

I bought this pair of wedges because mine broke and I do wear them more often. This are also from La Defesa for $22.99. Compared to many similar styles that I saw at other stores, they are at a great price and really comfortable.

And last, I bought this boots at Pac Sun for $6!!! I couldn't resist. They where originally priced for $29.99. They look really cute. It's not a style that you can wears here that often but I can rock them out once in a while. 

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