About Me

My name is Noelia. 
I'm from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I'm a 32 y/o single mom of a 3 y/o named Enrique.

I have a miniature Yorkie,
Diego Antonio,
that I love like a son.

I graduated college in July 2011
with a BBA in Accounting. 
Numbers are my thing!

I'm really afraid of heights and airplanes.
My favorite color is black,
but I love pink has an accent.
[nails, watches, purses, shoes, jewelry, etc]

This is my personal blog. 
I blog about my life and what's in it.
I have a special love for nails, for anything nail related.
So I started blogging about it. 
I'm no expert, I just do my own nails.

I've been a nail polish addict for about 3 years. 
Before that it was more of a hobby. 
I used to do them like once every two weeks, now it's more like daily. 
Before I wasn't into colors. 
I was more of a french, neutral or dark colors.
Now, I'm a pink, neon, glitter freak! 
I also love adding decals or something to accent one nail.

My life is pretty simple.