Nail Care

This is my nail care routine. 
Remember that I'm not a professional 
so what I do, might not work for you. 
I take care of my nails the best way I can.

Avon Nail Experts Conditioning Pen, Jordana Garlic Growth Base Coat, emery board 
that has 3 sides [smooth, shine & file] and my clippers.

I don't use normal clipper to cut my nails because that causes peeling.
I just file them down. 

The Jordana base coat you see there is amazing.
It really helps giving my nails an extra push when I'm
trying to grow them in a hury. 

The Conditioning Pen is actually really good.
Since I change my mani so often my cuticles tend to become dry.
I use it after removing my NP, and adding my base coat.

The pic on the right is my Bettina Base Coat
and Bettina Natural [top coat].
The Natural is my favorite!
It's really shinny, almost gel like and dries quickly.