Friday, April 8, 2011

Blue and Pink

I just did this mani for tonight. I'm going out with the girls and I wanted something bright! :)

But something went wrong...

*Unicorn stained my nails. The only really visible one
is the pointer nail. I saw it only when I went outside to take pics. 
I'm to lazy to fix it so it's going to stay like this since 
under soft light it doesn't show.*

Here are the rest of the pics, not showing the pointer nail.

Art Club Pink Lady

Ultra Pro Blu Blaze


  1. Beautiful manicure!
    I love polka dots!

  2. thanks!!!
    polka dots are just so cute! :)

  3. I love that blue shade, I foresee a trip to Sallys just to get that one! :P
    Sorry about the stain, the same tends to happen to me with orange based polishes, I've never wear yellow tho.

  4. It's an amazing blue. I just saw it and had to get it.
    I never wear yellow but I thought it would look awesome under the gray crackle and it did, but I never imagined that it would stain.