Friday, April 15, 2011

Out of ideas...

I'm having a mental block. I don't know what to do, and every mani I do, I don't like. Maybe it's a reflection of what's going on around me. Nothing to serious. Just stressing out about money and the future. Having a son makes the future seem so uncertain when you don't have a job, or the support from a partner, to take care of him. I'm always at my house with him alone and that sometime takes a toll on me. I graduate on June from College and that stresses me out even more. The thought of a 8am - 5pm job makes me what to jump of a bridge. Seriously, I'm not the office type... and what do I decide to major in: Accounting! Awesome idea, Noelia. Creating an Accounting firm is not a good idea, so I would have to work for someone else. 

Sorry for the pause there, I was picturing myself jumping of that bridge again. Really I have no idea WHAT TO DO. Besides the pressure I'm getting from my mom because I will have a college degree so she assumes that I will be able to get a great paying job right away. WRONG, so wrong. She really has no clue. I will probably end up working at a mall or something like that in the mean time. 

Ok, ok... if you are still here reading me, I will thank you cause I need to vent. Now on to the manis. 

Base: Bettina #197

*That gray is such a beautiful color on it's own.* 

Then I decided to try something I saw, didn't turn out right...  I added a thin base of Ultra Pro Silver Slipper, then I added a thick coat of multi glitter from Hot Topin. 

Base: Sinful Colors Nirvana

Then I tried to do a leopard print, but I think it looks like leaves or something else... lol I need to figure out how to use my Konad.

Then I covered up the leopard print and I added some pink dots with Sinful Colors Pink Forever. It's cute. 

No flash... just because I like the pink dots.:)


  1. Ese marron esta bello! Lo quiero jejeje

    Babe yo se que es bien dificil este proceso de graduarse y conseguir empleo...mas si tienes un hijo. Pero don't worry at the will pay off!!! Cuandp me gradue te contrato de contable para mi policlinica ;)

  2. nena ese marron es super super lindo! Buy it!!!

    jajaja gracias! de verdad q tengo un stress cabron!!!

  3. Pues hay que salir a darnos otras beers a Panchitas lol

  4. jajaja si anoche salimos pero Natalia me dijo q andabas en algo de medicina. so el proximo jueves si quieres salimos un rato!