Friday, August 19, 2011

Still sick... :/

This is just a quick post.
I'm still sick.
My camera has no battery and I can't find the charger. 
Enrique likes to relocate things. 
So excuse the cellphone pics. 

This is Forget Now. 
It's a beautiful pink. 
A bit sheer, so I did 3 coats to get full coverage. 
I really love it! 

This is Grass crackle over SC Unicorn. 
I didn't like it.
I'm having such a hard time with this neon green crackle.
It's really sheer so over dark colors it looks bad, 
so I thought that over this light yellow it would work,
but I hated it. 


  1. Muy bonitos! Ya le perdi la fiebre a los crackles :-/

  2. gracias! a mi me gustan todavia pero se dañan muy rapido.

  3. Very pretty pink, my kid hides all my stuff too! So funny.

  4. it's super pretty! hahaha they all like doing that!

  5. this is such a lovely colour on you i really hope you feel better soon!

    shel xx

  6. This shade of pink is so pretty!

  7. it's really pretty. it has a shimmer that the cell camera didn't get but trust me it's beautiful. :)