Friday, August 26, 2011

Beauty Bloggers Puerto Rico Challenge Accepted: Polka Dots

This is Sinful Colors Pink.
I love this color!
I had the right idea, but I didn't like the result.
I don't have enough free time to do it.
I couldn't wait long enough for the black to dry. 
I will do it again, but with more time. 

Also, I didn't noticed that the yellow that I used a while ago
stained my nails, so the french part has a little
yellowish tone to it and it drives me INSANE! 
I had to take it off right away!


  1. ay yo no se, jajaja en verdad no me gusto por las manchas de amarillo q me dejo Unicorn. ugh! odio ese color!!!! jajaja

  2. omg girllll this looks perfect!

    <3 BB