Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've been sick...

Sorry for the lack of post, specially today.
I had an amazing pink for you guys, Forget Now,
but I have been sick with the flue. Cough, sneezing and fever. 
All the fun things! 
I will do the Pink Wednesday post tomorrow, if I feel better.
Too lazy to take pictures.

I had to go to Walgreen's to buy some med's, 
so I had the perfect excuse to buy more Sinful's. 
I'm really disappointed with the colors that they have here. 
I hate that some colors that I see are not available.
I saw Amethyst, Casablanca and Stella searching for colors on Google
and I can't find them here. 

I got I Miss You again cause I saw that these had more pink glitter on them.
When I got home I compared it with the one I have
and it does look more pinkish. Love it! 
Snow Me White my favorite white and much needed for the french mani's.
I finally got Daddy's Girl. I always wanted to get it 
but I never did. 

I Miss You 

Show Me White 

Daddy's Girl


  1. get better hun(:
    and have fun enjoying your new pretties!

    <3 BB

  2. awwww thanks! can't wait to try Daddy's Girl!

  3. que te recuperes pronto! eso te pasa por no tomarte el tequila como t recomende! jajajaja

    aun no he podido ir a Walgreens, estoy a punto de una crisis! con este dolor de espalda no he podido salir :(

  4. jajaja verdad es! me lo debi de tomar!

    tienes q ir! ya yo voy por 6 esmaltes jajaja pero quisiera as variedad. como q siempre traen los mismos.

    gracias! y q te mejores pronto tu tambien!!!

  5. My walgreens never has any good colors either, sorry to hear your sick Ive got a bad cough lately too i think it's just that time of the year to be sick, feel better dear.

  6. they should start updating their stash! hehehe

    apparently, it is that time of year. alot of people around are sick. that's where I got it from. :/

    hope you don't get sick!

  7. daddys girl looks gorgeous! looking forward to seeing it on your nails

    shel xx

  8. thanks hun! it really is super pretty.