Monday, August 15, 2011

Sinful Colors

Went to Walgreens today to buy a couple of Sinful Colors since they are on sale for $.99.
Should have gotten more. hahaha
I got this two for the first time. 
Easy Going I'm using it for french manis. 
And the other one, Forget Now, I just loved how it looks on the bottle.
It has gold shimmers. 
Easy Going

Forget Now 

I had to get my two favorites. Love them so much!
They are my must have colors. 
Pinky Glitter is an amazing glitter. It looks great over any pink,
and over black it looks completely different. 
24/7 is your classic neon pink, which I just love.  
 Pinky Glitter

I just noticed that all the colors are pinks. 
Obsessed much? hahaha
I have to go back and get more.


  1. Yo compre All About you y es tan bello!!! Los demas no me gustaron, pero ese wow debi haber comprado dos botellas!!

  2. No he probado Forget Now pero se q me va a gustar! Se ve bello! No vi el All About You. Es q al Walgreens q fui no les quedaban muchos.

  3. I love these colours! I am working on a wishlist for Sinful Colours hehe I keep seeing more and more that I want

    shel xx