Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink Wednesday!

I had to cut my nails down because I broke two of them. Both middle fingers, and it looked weird with all the others long and those two short. So I have been a bit frustrated about that, but thankfully my nails grow really fast so in about a month I'll be back to normal. So now on to the mani.

This is two coats of Bettina Pink Bikini. It's one of those colors that wont photograph well at all. :( So frustrating!

I also have for you guys Orly Bubbly Bombshell. I just love this glitter so much! I got it on sale for $1.99 at Sally Beauty Supply. I had to get it. On the pics it looks purple, but in real life it's pink.

This is two coats... the flash makes it look purple.

with no flash it looks pink


  1. ese glitter de Orly esta de ataque, lindo, lindo!
    me encanta la mesita de clearance de Sallys, siempre encuentro alguito.

  2. es bello! en el pote no hace justicia! jajaja

    pues sabras q yo nunca encuentro nada, como no voy mucho nunca queda nada. jajaja y cuando vi este casi muero. habian mas pero eran colores feos. estaba el verde tambien de orly pero yo no soy verdes.