Monday, August 8, 2011

Nabi Crackle!

A friend told me that the Nabi nail polish where on sale at Siren 3 for $5. I just had to go and buy some. I only got 3. Crackle Sky Blue and Grass, and Jumbo Lavender Glitter. I was hoping to find the neon yellow crackle but I couldn't find it. 


  1. niceee! cant wait to see the glitter one(:
    i have acouple shimmer crackle polishes from Sally Hansen and they dont seperate well like the creams... maybe the glitter one works?

    <3 BB

  2. the glitter one is not a crackle. it's just a normal glitter. check it out on my last post.

  3. I sell Nabi Crack nailpolish on my Etsy.

    I have pastel blue, yellow, white, lavender, and salmon. $3 each. Or all for $15 shipped.

    Etsy shop =