Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wish list... *edit*

From PacSun:
  • Black Poppy Leopard Belted Dress, $25

  • Black Poppy Salya Oxford Flat, $26.50 [plus 40% off]

  • With Love From CA Feather Bead Hair Clip, $9.50 [plus 40% off]

  • Textured bubble dress, $25.99 [in the other color available that's a light pink w/ gray straps]

  • Swatch Full-Blooded Night
[I have it in pink, and I can honestly say, it's the best watch ever!]

  • Nook Tablet, $249

I will keep adding stuff, 
if I can think of anything else I night want. 

So, tell me...
what's on your wish list this year?


  1. went to buy it today, but they only had a Large and it was to big on me... I only got the hair cilps. wasn't sure if I should buy the oxfords since I'm not sure that I would wear them much.

  2. Aw that sucks. I think if the price is ok and they're not too expensive, why not? even if you just wear them once in a while they seem like a cute pair to have in your wardrobe ;)

  3. I normally don't wear close shoes... I'm always in sandals or wedges... but they are so cute. I might get them. thanks hun!