Monday, December 5, 2011


Another attempt at nail art. 
I took the last mani and just removed the ring finger
nail polish and did this Santa. 
I did everything using the dotting tool. 
Here's the step by step...

Apply a base color.
I used SC Out of this World.

Using SC Snow me White I did a french line.

Using SC Sugar Sugar I did the Santa hat.

I used SC Black on Black to make the face
and Snow me White for the white ball on top of the hat.

Using WnW Silvivor I did the outline of the hat
and a smaller dot on top of the black nose dot.

All done!
This is the end result!

[artificial light]

[left hand natural light]

[right hand natural light]


Hope you guys liked it!
I thinks it's so cute! 


  1. OMG!!!! This is soooo cute!!!!!! i want this mani!!!

  2. thanks! it's super easy to do! try it! :)

  3. super cute! recuerdo cuando compre Sugar Sugar, la pela que mami & yo le dimos! :D

  4. en verdad es bello!!! y mira q a mi no me gustan los rojos!