Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I ♥ receiving stuff on the mail!

So this company approached me 
about "working together" 
and I told them I would do it
but to verify I wanted them 
to send me a nail polish.
I got the nail polish yesterday!
I ♥ it!

It's called Cherimoya.
I don't have that brand here in Puerto Rico.
They send me a metallic silver 
called Pearl Silver.
Perfect for the Holiday season. 
Swatch coming on later tonight.
I used it on a half moon mani
with a midnight blue. 


  1. que chic se ve la botellita y que lindo se ve el color!

  2. de verdad q es bien bonito. la tapa hace un poquito chavona la aplicacion pero aparte de eso no tuve problemas.