Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas haul! *edit*

I'm going to show you guys some stuff 
that I have bought for myself this month. 

First I really needed a new wallet. 
I found this really cute pink metallic
one @ Marshalls for $5.99!


I didn't notice how cute that pic of Enrique is?

I really, really needed a black purse
and I couldn't find one that I liked. 
Finally, God send me this one! hahaha
I found this awesome purse @ PacSun.
Originally priced for $49.50,
then reduced to $28.99
and I paid $17.39 after 40% discount. 
I'm so happy! >.<

[just out of the shopping bag!]

[with all my stuff inside!]

[my stuff! hahaha]
[well, some of it!]

Then, it bought this bracelet,
which I didn't needed but I really wanted one!
It's a Shamballa bracelet.
I'm in love!
It's inspired by meditation 
and traditions of Buddhist culture.
They are known to bring peace, 
tranquility and luck to it's owner.
Mine is just a replica, 
because the originals are expensive.
I bought mine at a little store
for $15.


  1. cute stuff!! :) and great deal on that purse!

  2. Wow.. lucky girl! You got such a good deal on that bag.. I love it! You got some great stuff ;)

  3. thanks hun! I'm in love with it! It feels so good when you find a bag you really like and at a great price. hahaha