Thursday, December 29, 2011


For me buying jeans is a nightmare!
I'm really picky when it comes to jeans.
Well, clothes in general. 
I normally only like PacSun's jeans. 
But I decided to give Gap a chance since they had 
an extra 40% off on sale items. 
I already love their shirts 
so why not try. 

I found this amazing pair.
Marked down from $69.99,
to $34.99 plus the 40% off. 
I paid $22.46 including tax.
I would never pay $69.99 for a pair of jeans.
I think that's crazy!


  1. Those look cute! I am with you on that..I hate shopping for jeans and I'm super picky too but for me, I can't be since I'm not a skinny minny. Anyway, looks like you scored a nice deal on the jeans!

    btw you're blog is hard to read..I had to highlight the text to read it lol.

  2. Thanks!!! I still haven't used them, so then I will know for sure if I really like them. I hate when they stretch so much that they end up really big on me.

    I know, I have been meaning to change it but I forgot. It's the background. I changed the font to bold and now it's better. I think... The background is just for a few days... I just love it so much that I risked the font not being to visible.

  3. Damn! That's such a good deal! Hope you love them ;)

  4. Thanks! I still haven't used them...