Thursday, January 5, 2012

My stash!

I changed Enrique's crib for a toddler bed,
and the crib had this drawer that you put under it.
So I decided to use it for my nail polish
and hide it under my bed.
I'm missing like 7 n/p
that I was using for swatches 
and realized when I was editing the pics.


  1. What a great idea for storage! I'm envious of your Sinful Colors collection!

  2. Really nice collection! I see a couple in there that I own too ;) You should get some of that rubbery kind of drawer liner so it will keep your polishes in place when you pull it out from under your bed. Thanks for sharing.. I love seeing peoples collections!

  3. Sarah, thanks! I love SC, but I have been a bit disappointed because I haven't seen anything new in a while. I do need to buy 24/7, Cream Pink, Pink and Pinky Glitter again, because they are almost empty.

    WitchHazel, thanks!!! I need those rubbery things! No idea where to buy them.

  4. I've seen the roll at Walmart and Target for a couple of bucks (less than $5) for about 10 feet. You can cut it so it fits perfectly ;D It makes a huge difference! I use it for my polish and everything stays put ;)

  5. I don't have Target here, so I will check at Walmart. I need it! How do it stay put? I mean, how d you hold it up in place?

  6. The one I use is exactly like this ( - this is just an image I found on Google. It's thin and lays flat, so I just cut it to size and lay it in the bottom of the drawer. I line up my polishes kind like yours, by brand, so once the liner is in and the bottles are placed it all just kind of holds in place. The liner is a rubbery texture so it keeps the bottles from sliding around out of place.

  7. Ohhh OK! I get it now hahaha That is so perfect!!! I need to get it!