Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bargain shopping!

I love GAP!
Specially on sale!
I bought this two shirts 
on a super sale that they have!

I got this pink neon t-shirt for $9.99.
Original price was $29.95.
They have a lot of awesome new stuff 
in neon colors!

I got this one for $5.47.
Original price was $24.95.
I think they run pretty small
because all the had left was XS, S, and M
and the M was tight on me
so I keep looking and found a L.
That's why they are so cheap 
because they can't sell the smaller ones. 
I'm a M at GAP. 


  1. me gusta mucho la ropa de Gap pero el problema es que generalmente, las camisas corren bien grandes y yo que soy un taponcito jajajaja se me hace dificil conseguir alguito

  2. a mi me gusta mucho pq me quedan bien de senos... yo soy 36D y en otras tiendas siempre hasta el L me queda chiquito y el XL me queda bien de senos y grande de todo lo demas.