Monday, January 2, 2012

In love with holo's!

I just can't get enough of holo's! 
They are so impressive! So amazing! 
This one, Kleancolor Holo Chrome
being one of my favorites! 
It looks amazing on it's own,
or layer over purple or blue. 
Here I layered one coat 
over two coats of SC Amethyst.
I added a purple 3D butterfly decal on the ring finger. 


[no flash so you can see the amazing


  1. This year I learned that holos are too distracting for me to wear to work.. I spend the whole day staring at my nails bc of how pretty and dazzling they are. Love this shade!

  2. LOL so true! I find myself staring at my nails too! :D they are just so amazing! I need more!!!

  3. hey sweetie, I sent u an award