Monday, January 16, 2012

Diamond in the Rough!

This is Wet n' Wild Diamond in the Rough.
My first one from the ColorIcon collection. 
The application is really weird.
It's really thick, and rough to apply. 
Dries really fast. 
I did a base of SC Black on Black
then I applied 2 coats of Diamond in the Rough.
I want to try if with a gray base. 


[artificial light]

[natural light]

Had the worst time trying to capture what I saw.
It doesn't even look pretty, but it is... 


  1. Oh yes it does look pretty!!! I have this polish and I have to say it's in my top 5 out of over 140 bottles. Seriously. This polish is amazing!!!

  2. I hate polishes that don't look as pretty in pix. I have a mani on right now like that.. I'm not even gonna bother posting it bc I can't get a good pic! I've seen this polish in person and it's gorgeous! ;) Love this mani!

  3. Thanks girls!!! :)

    WitchHazel, I hate when that happens. And sadly, it happens a lot to me! I don't know if it's my camera or what, but I hate it!!!!!!