Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I almost didn't make it to Pink Wednesdays!

I wanted to take a pic of this color in the sunlight but we have been having thunderstorms the past couple of days. I'll try tomorrow. This is Sinful Colors Pink. It's a neon pink. Gotta love those neons! It's a different kind of pink. It's kind of orange/red. This is a no flash pic. Tomorrow if the sun comes out, I'm going to take a outdoors pic. I know it's going to look awesome outside!

Keeping up with the neon theme... My uncle bought me this pair of sunglasses today at Marshall's. They are neon pink Steven Madden for only $9.99. :)

No flash...
*ignore all the nail polish stains on my laptop! everything I 
own has nail polish stains on it! lol*


Thankfully I got this today, cause when I got in the car Enrique got hold of my purse and took out my black sunglasses and broke them in half!!!! I almost died! I loved them.