Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Color Club

I ordered my first Color Club nail polish, and I have to say I do love them.

Raspberry Rush is from the Wicked Sweet collection. I actually just looked at the colors and not the description so I had no idea that it actually smelled like raspberries! I adore this color. Really pink and bright.

Alias is from the Alter Ego collection. It's a dark purple glitter. Can't go wrong with that. I do love it. So my style. Purple, dark and glitter.

Covered in Diamonds is from the Untamed Luxury collection. It's exactly that, luxury. It looks amazing over almost every color. It's a bit bumpy when applied but with two coats of top coat it smooths out.

I can't wait to buy Wicked Sweet and Gimme a Grape Big Kiss. Both from the Wicked Sweet collection. They are so amazing.

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