Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bright neon yellow!

Hi! I did this bright neon yellow mani to brighten up my day. Such a beautiful color.

I used Sinful Colors Neon Melon for the base... *sorry for the blurry pics, my camera was currently unavailable, so I took this pics with my cellphone camera which sucks cause it does not focus.*

Then I added CG Crackle Black Mesh, which I found by accident on Sally yesterday because it was hidden behind other stuff, and I had to buy it instead of the CG Papaya Punch I was going to buy.

I still had a hard time capturing the awesomeness of the yellow. Maybe with my camera tomorrow I might take a pic and see how it shows, if I can capture it I'll post it.

Then I realized something...

This is the Monster Energy drink sticker I have on my car. Any resemblance is pure coincidence. :) But really looking at it, it does look a lot alike. Some of the cracks on the mani even resemblance an M. 

Goodnight, and Happy 5 de Mayo! I'm celebrating in style, SLEEPING!


  1. Tiene que estar en mi collection de que ya!

  2. siiii! es bello! en las fotos no se aprecia muy bien pero en el sol se ve brutal!

  3. Its finally on my collection!!!! woop woop