Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nothing out there for me...

Seriously, if I meet another guy at class that tells me that he is married or has a gf after flirting with me for 4 classes I'm going to scream. Dam! I have bad luck! Really, I meet this amazing guys... friendly, cute, hard workers, smart... perfect and then, a few weeks later I find out, usually threw FB, that they have gf's or are even married.


If I can't find a guy at class, where the hell am I supposed to meet a decent guy? At a bar? Sure. Great prospects there! Ugh!

I need help! I'm so tired of meeting the wrong guys.


  1. Ya te dije...en la biblioteca jajajja Nada chica eso llega cuando menos uno se lo espera :)

  2. gracias chica! pues parece q tendre q ir para esa biblio a estudiar pq en la mia no hay na! jajajaja