Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nail art tutorial... :)

What I started with...

 First, paint the nails with the accent nail in a different color. I used a glitter pink from Wet n Wild. It dries quickly and then I add the top coat to seal it.

 The cut the thin strips of tape.
* I didn't cut them thinly enough! *

Then place the tape on the nails and paint over it. Remove it quickly.

This is the end result!!!

This ideas was from Chloes Nails  
Check her blog out! Is amazing!!!


  1. Very nice :). I saw it when Chloe did it, and tried to do same, but I didn't had luck with scothtape :). I always cut it bad :)

  2. Thanks! I had some problems with the tape too. It's not easy to cut the strips thin.