Thursday, March 1, 2012

My day yesterday!

Yesterday was an exhausting and eventful day!  
Some fun things, some bad things. 
I have pics to document the whole day! 
I'm crazy like that!
I take way to many pics.
All with my cellphone. 

First, we went to the Coca Cola factory
because I won a box of Monster Energy.

Oh yeah!

Then, we went to Costco to have some pizza.

When we got home we got distracted by the new puppy...

 And Enrique got into some trouble.
He closed a door, a REALLY heavy door, 
on his little finger
and we couldn't get the door open.
It took us around 5 minutes to open it,
and we had to break the door nob. 
Worst experience of my life!

At the emergency room,
while we waited we saw a police car 
and that was the only way he finally stopped crying. 

This is his finger today...
seeing this pic actually made me cry. 

Well that was my day yesterday.
I have a lot of new pics of manis to share with you guys,
but I haven't been in the mood to post. 
But I will either today or tomorrow. 


  1. Oh poor thing. DId that happen at Costco? I hope his finger feels better real soon!

  2. Thanks! No, it happened at home. We got distracted with the puppy and he went to close the door. :/