Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm in love!

I had a post scheduled for today already
so I was going to wait until tomorrow 
to post about this color,
I'm so obsessed with it!
I can't stop looking at my nails. 
It goes so well with my skin tone
and it's just the type of colors that I like. 

Tropicalia is from the Wet n' Wild MegaLast collection.
They changed the bottle, the formula and the brush. 
I love everything that they did! 

I have heard a lot of negative comments about the new brush.
I liked it.
The round shape made it so easy 
to go around the corners of the nail
without coloring outside the lines. 
And the wide shape 
covered almost all of the nail. 
The formula is pretty thick and creamy
so full coverage can be achieved with one coat,
but I did two.

Tropicalia is a beautiful bright coral creme.
Perfect for Spring/Summer.
Right now they are on sale @ Walgreens,
until Saturday. 


  1. This is probably the only coral polish that I've ever seen that instantly made me go "I need that!" Very pretty!

  2. Lo compre tambien en esta venta, es bello! Y t puedo decir q ese color t queda tan bien como si lo hubieran hecho para ti, tu aplicacion quedo perfecta, el cleanup d la cuticula nitido!!! Me encanta!!

  3. WitchHazel, it's so beautiful. you have to get it. and wait until you see it in person! you are going to love it!

    Jossie, jajaja gracias!!!! y la aplicacion es por la brocha! en serio, la forma q tiene hace q sea bien facil cojer los bordes. cuales comprastes? a mi todavia me falta conseguir I Need a Refresh Mint y 2% Milk.

  4. se ve precioso y me imagino que con el crackle dorado encima se veria mas cute aun! o con un stamping o diseño en color turquesa tambien
    no pude conseguir ninguno mas aparte de los que mami me trajo :(

  5. Roxanne, ay, si con el crackle se debe ver bello!!!! tengo q traarlo. yo tengo un Konad ahi q nunca he podido usar. me dijeron q aveces las placas vienen defectuosas. las mias no cojen el esmalte. me rendi pero voy a ver si vuelvo a tratar.
    yo todavia quiero el mint y el 2% ilk so tengo q ir a pedir un reincheck! jajaja

  6. That looks amazing on you! I'm excited to eventually pick up some of these. And I'm a fan of brushes like that!

  7. Thanks! They are really good! You should get them!