Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rainy days = awful pics!

I wasn't going to post any pics, 
because that lack of natural light 
makes my pics look awful.
I'm still sick and it's been raining with thunders 
that make my poor little Yorkie vomit each time. 
He's scared of them.
Enrique sleep threw the thunder storm last night 
like nothing was happening.
Me and my dog, well that's another story. 

The first mani looked AMAZING in natural light. 
This is Bettina #187 for the base
and Kleancolor Hot Stuff over it. 
Such a shame that I can't show you guys a decent pic.

This is Bettina Marshmallow.
Beautiful color
but a bit to plain for me. 
A plus is that it makes my hands look really tan. 
[excuse the mess. poor lighting at my house 
makes it hard to notice it before.]


  1. I much prefer to take my pictures outside too. It's been freezing here and with winter coming I'm having to make due inside. I try to stand up against a big window that is letting in light when I can to try to get that natural light from inside the house.

  2. we do get snow here but it sure rains A LOT! I stand against a white wall that I have in the balcony but still I don't get enough light. it sucks!