Sunday, November 27, 2011

My first Half Moon mani

I've been wanting to do a half moon mani for a long time.
I finally did one today!
I used WnW Silvivor for the moon
and Bettina #187 for the other part. 
It was easier than I thought it would be. 
I did 2 o 3 nails at a time. 

Got them @ Kmart for $2.19

Let it dry completely!
Because the circles will mess it up.

First try... oops!

I fixed it! 

Remove them slowly...

Only 1 coat of Bettina because I was going out to eat
to Pizza Cone! :)

Got home and added a second coat 
but when I applied the top coat it wasn't completely dry
so it got all like patchy. 
So this is not my pic hand.
This is my right hand. 

I have to say... I'm in love!
Can't wait to try more colors!


  1. T felicito! El half moon t sienta bien! La forma en q limaste tus uñas quedo perfecta! Me encanto!! Tengo q comprar nuevos reinforcers pq los marca Diablo q compre no tenian casi pega lol!! Sabias q en los 80's el half moon solo lo hacian con plateado como tu lo hiciste? Bello t quedo!!!

  2. Gracias chica! Me encanto tu comment! jajaja Estos reinforcer q compre so bien buenos. Pega super bien!

    No sabia q usaban el plateado! Yo lo use pq pense q era buen constraste!

  3. gracias! yo estoy completamente enamorada! pensando hacerme otro ya! jajaja

  4. Very clever! and it looks really nice!

  5. These colours are so pretty together!