Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pink Wednesday & other random stuff *edit*

This is Bettina Gems Topaz.
It's a pretty metallic pink. 
Love it how it looks on my short nails. 

Random stuff:
I went to Sally Beauty Supply 
to check out their Halloween stuff. 
Didn't find much.
I like torturing myself with the CG collection,
that I can't afford. 
So I bought this little Sally Girl 
glow in the dark nail polish
for $1.19!

Sally Girl Halloween displays

And since I was having a crisis 
because I broke 2 more nails
I needed something cheap to make my nails grow,
because I can't afford the Gelous 
that I always buy.
I got Jordana Garlic Growth base coat 
@ Kmart for $2.19.
No clue on how good it really is.
Well see...


  1. Q coleccion de china glaze? La d halloween?

  2. siiiiiiiiiii! cuesta $12.99... jamas la podre comprar! quiero It's Alive y Ghoulish Glow. :/

  3. this pink has such nice shimmer, my sallys didn't have crap either!

  4. it's really pretty!! I thought Sally would have lots of Halloween stuff! Disappointing!