Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In my bag...

I saw this and I just had to do it! 
Basically, I just show you guys everything that I have in my bag.
And I do carry a lot of things.
This is not showing the toys 
and other stuff of Enrique that I also carry around.

First pic:
♥ Notebook and heart pen
♥ Pink brush, with a mirror on the other side
♥ Asma inhaler
♥ Hair clip
♥ GAP Dream body mist
♥ TRESemme non-aerosol  hair spray (I only use it to keep my hair back when I'm wearing a pony tail)
♥ Little spare change bag
♥ Small LV bag
♥ LV wallet
♥ Walgreen's hand sanitizer
♥ Maybellilne Color Sensational Designer Pink 955 lipstick
♥ L'oreal Colour Riche Dune 875 lipstick
♥ Jordana Squeeze & Shine 08 Be Coralful Lip Gloss
♥ INCOLOR Pretty Shine Luxury Gloss 07 Darling
♥ Mabelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss 15 Crushed Candy

Second Pic:
♥ Elizabeth Arden red mirror
♥ L'oreal Extra-intense Liguid Pencil Eyeliner Black (it's the small black pencil you see there lol)
♥ Eye drops Allergy Relief
♥ Purell Hand Sanitizer
♥ Johnson's baby lotion (the best lotion ever!)
♥ bandages 
♥ hair clips and band
♥ Allergy meds

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