Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kleancolor Nail Lacquer

Yesterday I bought Hot Stuff and Chunky Holo Purple
Would have bought more but they where almost all out.

Also they had Crack Nail Polish
in red, black, purple and blue
for only $1.49.
I wasn't that impressed so I didn't buy any.

The display still sucks! o.O
I need to find a new place to buy them.


  1. en la Farmacia Caridad en Laguna Gardens, Carolina, but they suck! hace tiempo q no traen nuevos y quedaban super poquitos y la mayoria estaban tos feos y chavados (cuando se separa el color). me dieron pena! los hubiera cojido todo solo por no dejarlos ahi a ser maltratados jajajaja

  2. Chunky Holo Purple looks amazing!

  3. it's so pretty but really hard to capture in pics!