Monday, September 12, 2011

Some shopping!

Went to the mall today with my mom.
Why is shopping so exhausting? 

@ Old Navy she bought me:
PJ pant for $10, & 
one of those things that covers your eyes
(no clue what they are called)
for $3.50

She got Enrique a skeleton PJ for $9.70

So I had to buy my other son, 
Diego the Yorkie,
one that matches
for $5!

Then we went to Marshall's 
and I finally found a pair of sunglasses
since I sat on mine.
JLo $7 on sale!

@ Capri I got some nail art stickers
for $1.99. 


  1. nooo way!
    i love the pjs for your baby boy! & dog i have one similar for twinkie and it has bones in the stomach area of the skeleton lol
    love the leopard items as well duh, haa(:

    <3 BB

  2. thanks hun! I just had to get them matching pjs! hahaha too cute!