Monday, September 5, 2011

Red! ♥

Today mani is a fire red from Bettina.
Mine is a bit old so it's #47, but it's the same color has Flame.  
I'm not a fan of red, and I love this color. 
It's a bright jelly red.

I had to got to Walgreen's to buy acetone.
I ended up getting a nail polish and a coverall stick
 from Wet n' Wild for only .99 each.



  1. oh let us know how you like that concealer?
    gorgeous red(:
    jellys are fun

    <3 BB

  2. Ese rojo bello! No sabia q Bettina tuviera jellies! Me recuerda a navidad!

  3. es bien lindo. yo siempre lo uso en navidad o valentines, pero lo vi y me acorde de lo lindo q era y me lo puse. :)

  4. BB, the concealer is a bit dry, but covers pretty well.