Thursday, February 24, 2011

The reality of it...

People only talk about how great it is to be a mom, but nobody ever talks about how hard it really is. It's like tabu. People think that if you say that it's hard it will make you a bad mother. That is so not true. Being a good mother has nothing to with accepting that it's so dam hard. Specially if you have no help, like me. I'm a single mother and I go to college at the same time.

Sometimes it gets to me and I think that is normal. And I do go out at night, once or twice a month. I need some me time and also I want to meet new people and eventually get a boyfriend and get married. The getting married part is still being approved.

One of my closest friends said to me that if I needed to "distract myself" from my life I should just go to the movies or out to eat, that a mom at a bar with a beer on her hand looks bad and that it makes me a bad mom. WTF? Really? He sure doesn't have a clue about that he's talking about. Jackass. -1 friend, cause I don't need people like that in my life.

People like to talk about things and people when they have no clue about anything that's going on. That has been my life for the past almost 2 years. If you have a guy by your side nobody talks but has soon as there is no guy people start talking. I have heard so many ridiculous things about my life. It's so funny that people find it so interesting to talk about me.

Well, this rant if over for now. But, more rants are on their way!!!! :)


  1. La gente siempre va a hablar. Lo importante es estar segura de ti misma. Sabes que eres excelente madre asi que olvidate de lo que digan.

  2. gracias chica! el problema no es q hablen, es quienes hablan. gente q se supone q sean amigos de verdad. hablan a tus espaldas pero cuando te ven no dicen ni preguntan nada. eso es lo triste.