Sunday, February 20, 2011


Been away for a while. I had no internet connection. buuu! But, I'm back!!!

First... the VDay's mani

That red is so beautiful in the sun light. It's like a jelly bean red!

I also did this Hello Kitty french mani...

It's so cute! It looks really girly and clean. :)

I also did this pink french with a 3D flower...

That color is a metallic pink. Really pretty. The 3D art is a little bit annoying. Get's tangled on my hair and everything else! I had to put some nail glue on it so it actually stays in longer. But, it's still cute!

After that mani I had to cut down my nails. I broke 2 more. They are not short short but not that long. The will grow back. :)

That is all for now. Be back really soon with a new mani.

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