Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day girls!
Hope you have a great day with the one's you love!
I'm just here at home with my son.
A new kind of love! 

I'm having a total metal block! 
Can't decide what to do
and when I decided, I hated it! 
I have a good idea but I just couldn't express it well...

I took it off right after I took the pics.
Right now my nails are naked!
I think I'm just going to use 24/7 
with some kind of accent nail.


  1. not horrible! :) i think its cute! happy valentines day girly!

  2. Hay veces que uno se tiene que salir de su comfort zone, ya que experimentando y arriesgandose salen cosas maravillosas. Se ven cool, pero ya sabes no puedes ir a una entrevista de trabajo asi lol. ;)