Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have no internet @ home!

I've been without internet for the past couple of days. Being at home all day long alone without internet is so frustrating. So I got really bored/creative and this is what happened. 

I had this hair clips that is bought for $1. The where black with white dots. Cute, but I had to many pairs. This is what I ended up doing. 

SH Rockstar Pink, Color Club Alias 
 and Sinful Color 24/7

No flash...

They are super cute!!! So I couldn't just leave it there. So I found some of those normal silver clips. They where all rusty and icky, so I worked my magic on them.

WnW Black Creme (which I completely love that black)

Sinful Colors Let's Talk

Sinfukl Colors Neon Melon

Sorry for the messy pics. I left home to go to Starbucks, to use the internet and forgot to take good pics before I left so this are the one's that I got, and I really wanted to make this post.

Then today I got bored again and I started messing around with other stuff to paint. LOL This is what I ended up doing. I found an old cellphone cover. It was a pink gel case. I added SH Rockstar Pink, and I love it!


No flash...

Hope you guys enjoy my madness. :) And I'll be back has soon as possible.

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