Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cream Pink!

So I recently found out that they changed my favorite color!
My favorite color from like 4 years back is 
Sinful Colors Cream Pink
I haven't seen it in while
and finaly, a couple of days ago, I found one.
To my surprise it''s not the same tone has the old one that I had home.
It's a much darker fuchsia tone
and not has bright neon as the old one,
I was so sad...

Picture of me comparing pinks from Sinful Colors.
Someone said that it looked alot like Bikini. 
Didn't see that.
But you can see in the pic below that it's a different tone of pink. 

I decided to try it,
and I still love it.
It still has the amazing shimmer and it's bright, 
but not neon bright.
I added Sinful Colors Queen of Beauty on the ring finger.



  1. hey girl
    i started following you in 2011 and then went mia but now im back and starting to get back in the swing of things id love for you to check out my new posts comming soon and follow me if you werent already<3


  2. On the other side of the globe is such a beautiful girl, wow !!!!!
    Merry Christmas!