Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Party of Five Glitters!

So, I have become obsessed with this glitter polish. I normally love glitter but this is just so amazing. I want to try if over every color. :) This is just over black and silver. This are camera pics!

Picture time!!!

Warning, the pics suck! I took them with my phone. lol I was to lazy to take good pics since I had no computer. But, some manis I just had to take pics of them. Here they are...

Sinful Colors 24/7 with some black decals

Sinful Colors Beverly Hills

Wet n' Wild Black Creme with Sally Hansen LCD over it

White tips and Sally Hansen LCD

Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl

Sinful Colors 24/7 (tips) and Sally Hansen LCD

Sinful Colors Pink (tips) and Sally Hansen LCD 

Orly Bubbly Bombshell (two coats) with black tips

Orly Bubbly Bombshell (3 coats) with black tips

Sinful Colors Let's Talk with black tips

Wet n' Wild Party of Five Glitter over Ebony Hater Chris

New colors obsessions... 
1. Wet n' Wild, Party of Five Glitters
2. Orly, Bubbly Bombshell
3. Sally Hansen HD, Cyber and LCD (LCD looks amazing and completely different over black. *picture #4*)
4. Sinful Colors, Beverly Hills and Tokyo Pearl

I'm baaaaaaaaack!

I finally got my computer fixed, so I'm getting back on track with things. I'll make a post later tonight with some manis I did, but just some of them. I missed my blog so much! 

Also, on Tuesday I got the package from the giveaway of Eye-Luv Makeup that I won! Woohoo!!! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

I will be back!

Sorry!! I'm having technical problems! First I had no internet, now that it's back, my computer is all loca!! I'm getting it fixed soon and then I'll be back for good! Don't unfollow me please!